Lady Gaga's tribute to David Bowie at The 58th Annual GRAMMYs Awards, powered by Intel technology, was the first time a brand had ever been integrated on The GRAMMY stage. This performance was a vision that took over a year to orchestrate and complete. With no road map to follow we set out to create the most innovative, memorable performance The GRAMMYs stage had ever seen.

For the Intel powered Lady Gaga David Bowie Tribute at The GRAMMYs I wrote the creative, integrated cross-platform (digital, social, experiential and broadcast), channel, influencer, hashtag and cultural strategy. I was also the Executive Producer for content. I worked closely with our partners and led all creative and production teams to ensure the story developed consistently yet uniquely across all platforms and laddered up to our intention: To create a satisfying story greater than the sum of its parts that highlighted and credited the creative genius of the Intel engineers and Haus of Gaga creative imagineers who made this show a reality.

The network of relationships I built across multiple disciplines, agencies and clients gave my team the ability to collaborate and tell a fresh and unique story. I pitched our strategy to multiple layers of teams within each of the 9 partner agencies at the beginning of our journey. The stakeholders I worked with at Intel, The Recording Academy, The GRAMMYs, Haus of Gaga, GreenLight Media and Marketing, Content Collective, OMD, CBS and PRETTYBIRD were the C-suite executives, partners and leadership teams responsible for making this ground-breaking collaborative partnership a reality.  

To help solve this logistical and creative challenge we recreated a perfect copy of The GRAMMY stage at a private soundstage at the Universal Studios lot so the Haus of Gaga GRAMMY production team could work with over 50 engineers from Intel. A collaboration that began 6 months prior to the actual performance on February 15th, 2016.

In order to have the impact we envisioned on GRAMMY day we kept the details of the performance secret. Yet we wanted to engage Intel and Lady Gaga fans in the process and experience on social media so they could feel a part of all that was to be revealed leading up to and during the performance. What story could we tell that would engage fans but not reveal too much of the magical performance? 

My strategic vision was to share the behind the scenes "making of" story from the engineer's perspective. I observed that from the very Intel’s engineering team was inspired in a remarkable way by Haus of Gaga from the very first introduction. There was a creative spark in the room that was undeniable and was palpably exciting and inspiring.

The engineers were lit up in a way I hadn’t previously seen and their own brand of innovative creativity was unleashed while working in collaboration with Lady Gaga's team of artists. I wanted to tell that story of unique creative collaboration on social media in real time, as it developed. After pitching this idea to our 9 agency and client partners we told this behind the scenes creative development story leading up to the show on Lady Gaga, GRAMMY and Intel social channels. 

In addition to crafting the strategic creative vision I directed the story that played out on social media leading up to and during Lady Gaga’s live GRAMMY performance, including the Twitter Moment.

Media planning encompassed a significant portion of this campaign, most significant in some ways was the sponsored Twitter moment which was a quarter of the media budget. I went to Twitter headquarters along with 30 others from Intel's social and media teams the month prior to The GRAMMYs to lead the crafting of the only sponsored Twitter moment of The GRAMMYs that day. It was also one of the first sponsored Twitter Moments ever, most of which was done with real time content. 


  • 9 industry awards total

  • (1) Gold Cannes Lion, (1) Shortlist Cannes Lion, (3) Entertainment Lions

  • (1) Bronze Clio, (2) Gold Clio Music, (2) Silver Clio Music, (1) Clio Music Shortlist

  • Over 57.7 billion global impressions

  • 2X brand lift for innovation

  • 32% increase in perception of Intel as a leader in breakthrough technology

  • Intel ranked #1 in share of voice among GRAMMY sponsors

  • The GRAMMYs is the largest social media event of the year globally

  • Intel owned 48% of the conversation that day



For the Imagine Dragons Destination Unknown secret show I wrote the digital and social strategy and was the Executive Producer for the live "show" that day.  I was the point of contact for all social media content capture, ensuring the story was aligned across all platforms: digital, radio, social media and experiential. I also managed the influencer program as well as the live social media posting on the super fan, Imagine Dragons and Hyundai brand channels during the show. 

We created the Imagine Dragons: Destination Unknown experience in conjunction with iHeartRadio, crafting experience design for a scavenger hunt that allowed fans to follow along with the live experience and win tickets to the secret show which was broadcast live in Times Square. As the super fans drove around the city in the brand new Hyundai Tucson solving clues to the location of the secret show, producers on the ground were sending content to my team at headquarters to sift through and post live. Using hashtag #destinationunknown allowed fans to follow along at home and try to uncover the secret location themselves to win tickets. The event took place at the historic Clifton's Cafeteria in Downtown Los Angeles days before the grand re-opening. This was the first live acoustic show for Imagine Dragons and the first event at Cliftons in over 15 years.  


  • 67.5 million followers reached

  • 42 million social media impressions

  • 243 million media impressions


On the 30 Years of Mac experience I was the senior digital producer, ensuring seamless communication internally between our art, digital, broadcast and strategy departments as well as externally with our production company.  I worked with the strategy team to build out a cross-platform approach which included the interactive 30 years of Mac website and a ground-breaking commercial shot on an iPhone, directed by Ridley Scott which went live Super Bowl Sunday, January 24, 2014.  I went to Apple headquarters to integrate production teams for the site build and then worked with post producers for 6 weeks as our team of 7 documentary editors sifted through hundreds of hours of footage to tell our story in the 60 second trailer. 

On Friday, January 24, 2014 the birthday party began, as Apple rolled out a three-minute video and exhaustive online history of the famed personal computer, showing its evolution on human creativity of all kinds, from art and science to education and fashion. In 1984 Apple promised to democratize creativity with the brand new Mac computer. 30 years later they can claim they made good on that promise and celebrated with a site, a commercial and a celebration at Apple headquarters and all of their retail locations around the world.

The video stars 12 of those creators, who tell in their own words how the Mac changed their work and their lives. They include musician Moby, surgeon Maki Sugimoto, designer April Greiman, artist and programmer Daito Manabe, film composer Hans Zimmer, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, fashion designer Iris van Herpen, graphic designer John Maeda, educator Noemi Trainor, photographer Nick Knight, and science author Theodore Gray.

The accompanying timeline included vintage photos, quotes and stories about the machine that changed the world. There was also a data visualization section where we encouraged users to share the story of their first Mac, and visualized where in the world people were entering their data and which machine had the most "firsts". This was the first time Apple ventured into social engagement of any kind, and also the first time anyone external to Apple had built directly onto apple.com. 



  • (2) One Show Gold Pencils

  • Organic trending on Twitter the morning of Mac’s birthday

  • Over 4000 mentions per hour for the first 7 days after launch

  • Over 3500 different articles written and shared